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Les Portes A.R.D. Inc. guaranteed its products against any manufacturing defect. The parts and labor are guaranteed for one year starting from the invoicing date. After the one year deadline our responsibility will be limited to the specific value of the product. The door slab is guaranteed for 10 years.

During the first year, weatherstripping, sill break, sweep, vinyl cladding and hinges will be replaced only if no abuse or incorrect installation were noticed.


The bumps or scratches must be reported to us within 48 hours following the reception and before the installation. Otherwise, you will  not be able to place a service call for replacement.


This guarantee does not apply to defects caused by an incorrect installatiion, an improper use or any damage during transport.


If the customer installs an aluminum storm door we cancel the warranty automatically.


A warping up to 1/4'' is not considered a manufacturing defect.



None of the suppliers guarantees thermal breaking.


Any manufacturing defect on the glass or moulding that are imperceptible to the naked eye within one meter or 3' in the field of vision will not be considered defects. If the imperfections are visible and acceptable, the material will be replaced.




Any modification made to our product will automatically involve the cancellation of our guarantee.


Routing a service call, pleasse contact the retailer where you made the purchase of our products. This retailer will send us a request and we will treat the application.