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One of the most dynamic SME in Lachute, Les Portes A.R.D. is a family owned and run business that was founded in 1982. Manufacturing interior doors at first, the company got involved in the steel door industry in 1984 where it experienced remarkable growth.


Over the years, the company has continued to diversify its products to meet an ever growing customer base. In 1997 PVC windows are added to the products offered to our consumers. Be it for new construction or renovation, we offer a wide range of doors and windows to meet all of our customers needs.


In 2003 Les Portes A.R.D. inaugurated its new factory in the heart of Lachute's industrial park, leaving a 10 000 square foot building for 40 000 square foot of production floor. In 2007 a state of the art automated window assembly line was installed.


With the goal of becoming more self-reliant, a complete paint shop was added to our factory in 2009. In 2012 an extension was needed for the factory to meet our customers ever growing needs. The factory has a 57 000 square foot surface area.


In 2014 a cutting edge automated steel door assembly line was installed. The acquisition of this new assembly line allows us to respond to the growing demand in a shorter period of time, all the while maintaining the high quality of our products that our customers have come to expect.

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